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. fredricka. >> nick paton-walsh, thanks so much. this violence comes a few weeks after ukraine and russia and western countries reached a peace deal. now russia says the deal is dead. the spokes man for vladimir putin said the military movement is the last nail in the coffin. matthew chance is joining us from moscow. matthew, it is hard to tell what putin is doing to use the violence to push the deal out the window. what is happening here? >> reporter: actually, within the past few minutes, a statement issued by the foreign ministry which lavrov, the foreign minister said, look, the geneva agreement is the best way of deescalating the situation in eastern ukraine. a phone conversation with kerry and lavrov. he called on the united states to use everything within its power to get the authorities to end the military operations in eastern ukraine. this comes after the terrible deaths that took place in odessa. nearly 40 people killed. pro-russian supporters in a government building inside and torched by a pro-kiev supporters. that is not gone down well. the kremlin condemned the action. the
's offensive to recapture the city of slovyansk from forces siding with russia. russia claims it has gotten thousands of pleas of help from inside. >>> a major ruling in a legal battle between the world's top smartphonemakers. a federal jury ruled that samsung enfringed on apple's features. samsung was ordered to pay $120 million in damages. that was far short of the $2.2 billion apple had been seeking. apple's big payday was reduced slightly when the same jury found that apple, too, had copied one of samsung's patents. >>> and a school bus near georgetown, mississippi, in flames. moments earlier, it was carrying high school students. but a postal worker, betty wyndam, happened to see the bus when it started to smoke. she is also a part-time firefighter. drove in front of the bus, forcing it to stop. she and her sister helped the driver and 21 students off just in time. the cause of that fire is under investigation. heads up for that. >>> and panic underground in new york city, as a packed subway train goes off the rails. the train derailed between two stations in queens on friday. rescue c
take off today. but the escalating violence between russia and ukraine had investors on edge keeping stocks on the down side boosting gold prices by nearly $20 an ounce. wrapping up a week on wall street, one that saw the dow close at a fresh all-time high on wednesday. the blue chip stocks ended the day 46 points lower. nasdaq lost three today, s&p down for the week. each was up by a percent. >>> and she is a senior portfolio manager with wells fargo advantage funds. anne, welcome, good to have you with us. why didn't the markets, both stocks and bonds really react to the jobs numbers in a more enthusiastic way? >> you know, i think the first initial reaction was very bullish. and then there were some things that the market looked further at, probably the fact that the participation rate did go down. and also, the salary or -- i'm sorry the earnings stayed flat. so the fact that you had a lot of job creation but it did not increase earnings, that was another probably little nick to the number. >> you know a lot of people, i don't know if you're among them think that the market can m
. the president warned the increasing rising price for russia if they don't change course. in the ukrainian city of odessa, a fire left 31 people dead. it started new violent flashes. and the u.s. had its first confirm eed case of mers. now back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." chris christie wants to run in 2016 for president, of course. he says the bridge scandal of his won't stop him. >> many voters if they consider this issue at all in considering my candidacy, if there ever is one, i've got a feeling it will be a very small element, if any element at all. >> there's certainly nothing that's happened in the last, you know, number of months since we talked about this the last time that would make me think any differently about my ability to be able to pursue that job or to perform it. >> i am who i am. and for some people, they love it. i will tell you, when i travel around new jersey, i hear from most people that's the thing they love the most. >> what about iowa? >> oh, well, i think they love me in iowa, too, diane. i've been there a lot. i think they love me there, too. >> v
. words were flying and we heard the french ambassador to the when referring to russia as a pyromaniac firefighter. he calls the ambassador and amateur james bond who drinks vodka. were very upset. there was the russians who called for this meeting. --was because of the hiring firing down of two helicopters with ukrainian troops in them. russians had said that any action by the government against the pro-russian separatists is a declaration and escalation that might prompt russia to bring in peacekeeping troops. we had the russians making their point of view clear and we saw and britishench ambassadors each responding very strongly saying there is no way that the separate test -- separatists are doing what they're doing without support from the russians. the meeting -- we had the u.n. secretary-general going back to kiev next week and calling for the release of the monitors. >> what is the next step for the united states? >> we have a sense at the white lawn on the rose garden when we heard president obama and angela merkel talking about may 25. that key date when ukraine this post abo
to discuss tougher sanctions against russia over issues with ukraine. chancellor merkel is viewed as a pivotal figure in the standoff. >>> and a rockford, ohio, teen gives his great-grandmother the gift of a lifetime. austin dennison took his great-grandmother delores to his senior prom because she never got to go when she was in high school. this is great home video. start crying now, savannah. the two slow dancing together while the others looked on. an incredible gesture there. the night started with dinner at bob evans, one of her favorite places to go eat. the two, get this, they were home by 9:00 p.m. >> that's my dream night right there. >> just what her father said. better be home by 9:00. >> what a sweetheart. i just love that. what a great young man. he should be applauded. >> good man. >> not to mention he probably won all the girls after that. total ploy for the girls. >> should we turn to carson for the weather. >> no problem. let's check out the weather. >> exactly. there he goes. >> i don't know where to go. >> we have al roker, he's at churchill downs in louisville
for allies to remain united against russia's defiance of the west. but when the two leaders hold a news conference in two hours we're told the very first question will shift the spotlight to benghazi. and the deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate there 19 months ago. it's firing up republicans once again who are outraged by a newly surfaced e-mail from the state department just two months before the presidential election those e-mails suggest that the violence be portrayed as spontaneous and not terrorism that could be blamed on failed policies. cnn's jim acosta has more for you. >> reporter: new e-mails revealed this week by the conservative work judicial watch have sparked republican charges once again of a white house cover-up for what happened at the deadly attack on the u.s u.n benghazi in 2012. >> it's disturbing that documents like these were hidden by the obama administration from congress and the public alike. >> reporter: republicans point to this e-mail used to prep then u.n. ambassador susan rice. >> the best information that we have -- >> reporter: who said in a round
-point-two billion in damages. deathsamsung.wants six million from apple. russia and the crisis in hoss ukraine is sure to be a key topic today as president barack obama meets with merkel at the white house today. expect a news conference this afternoon. with the two world leaders likely pushing for unity in trying to change the course putin's policies on ukraine. and the stock market could get a boost today from the government's monthly jobs report. economists are predicting that employers added more than 200-thousand u-s jobs in april. and that the unemployment rate went down as well. we should get those numbers this morning. and we'll pass them on to you later in the show. the world health a global action plan to protect the power of who released its first global report on antimicrobial resistance. the report warns that misuse and overuse of antibiotics could lead to a "post- antibiotic era" -- where common infections that are usually easy to treat can kill. according to who, the increased use of antibiotics in livestock and the failure of patients to take antibiotics as prescribed are turni
find common ground in confronting russia. >> pfizer ups its bid for astrazeneca. bayer is in exclusive talks to buy merck's consumer business. morning, everybody. you are watching "the pulse." i'm guy johnson. >> and i am francine lacqua. coming up, a bloomberg exclusive. we speak with the south african finance minister as a nation sets to go to the holes. >> the army in ukraine has become an operation to retake ovyansk. pressure is reporting that two helicopters have been shut down and one pilot killed. down and oneshot pilot killed. heather, can you give us the latest on the situation, vis-a-vis the offensive? protests on labor the situation here has become increasingly tense, as you mentioned. there was an antiterrorist operation by ukrainian forces to slovyansk. we have had two statements, one from the interior ministry saying this operation started about 4:30 a.m. today. they have circled the town, taking control of nine roadblocks as interior minister and the head of the national guard and the defense minister are on the spot there. they are demanding the release of hosta
and president obama find common ground in confronting russia. >> pfizer ups its bid for astrazeneca. bayer is in exclusive talks to buy merck's consumer business. morning, everybody. you are
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% aimed at russia. all the other participants in this program are the very countries that russia threatens right now. particularly ukraine which is the second largest participant. i think it would be a really bad signal for this country to actually cut programs that are supportive of democracy in the areas immediately around russia. frankly i think more or less plays into putin's hand. beyond that we have a unique institution, unique arrangement and unique person heading it at the library of congress, who is probably the country's -- is the country's, probably the world's foremost expert on russian history and culture and literature. this has been well placed as long as he's been the librarian and well used. again i appreciate my friend's motives, but i would urge the rejection of the amendment. with that i would like to yield the remainder of the time that i have to my good friend, the gentleman from virginia. the chair: the gentleman from virginia is recognized. >> coy not agree mr. moran: i cannot agree more with my friend from oklahoma, the chair of this subcommittee. and the idea that
for today's post number. 100,000, that is how many people from trade unions are marching in russia's red square for mayday. communisthe year the union dissolved. when we come back, we are joined by the ceo of fast future research to talk about whether your job is in danger. tech is taking over. mayday, mayday for the labor market. ♪ >> welcome back. you are watching "the pulse." you are looking at live pictures from athens, the center of greek -- i don't know, demonstration over the last few years. we have seen some major demonstrations. it is made a they are may day they areay celebrating today. we are looking at different stories out of istanbul where we are seeing teargas being used. unemployment, a big focus today. this is the celebration of labor , celebration of workers rights. it is a good day to look at a story that is changing for all of us. the landscape of labor is changing. tech is changing everything around us. let's talk about what happens next. the fast future research ceo is here to join us. how do we need to think about what is going on in our world? the pace of change
transition. we are worried about russia, and yet, the markets are brushing everything off. >> that is right. that is not so much complacency. people are concerned about a lot of things. there are a lot of headwinds out there. simply, we have seen the central banks have maneuvered the markets into believing there is a put out there. every pullback is seen as an opportunity. >> what happens with the ecb? with the ecb, we arrived at what the limit of the central banks can do. japan is aggressive. the fed has been aggressive. the ecb has a japanese problem. >> that's right. they would like inflation to be higher. they'd like growth to be higher. we heard earlier on the show the eurozone is putting up the pressure on the euro. so i think there is a conundrum there. i think the markets are doing what they did three or four years ago with the pressure on the sovereign spreads. they are almost willing, the ecb, to act. >> what is your best bet for the next couple quarters? >> i thi nnk i was to remain log risk assets. that can be obviously equities. we have been talking about dividends for years. w
and eu officials. the hope was that the sanctions would cause russia to start moving backwards. pro-russian separatists causing trouble in another city on the eastern border. you mentioned the interim president talk about how local security forces are largely helpless. he also noted the ukrainian army is on full alert and awaiting the possibility of invasion. we're going the opposite way of de-escalation. unbelievable. so what is the administration doing now? if you're sanctions are not working, what card can you play? a question they hoped they would not have to work on this soon after their latest round of sanctions were announced. we just returned from the asia trip last night. they expected these sanctions to have more bite. there are broader sanctions they are working on. questionuestion -- big is not how this impacts the russian government, but how it impacts u.s. companies. take a listen to what jay carney had to say. >> we expect the numbers to be significant in this period towards the end of open we predicted all along there would be a substantial number of people who when
comfort keepers now to learn more. >>> russia has no connection to the violence in eastern ukraine according to the russian president vladimir putin today. he's blasting financial punishment targeting russian officials and businesses. >> the fact the u.s. came out to the forefront of the settlement of these crisis events shows from the very beginning they were managing this process. now, they just displayed theirself as leader of this proce process. >>> all this coming as they see eastern ukraine and some militants have said they're in fact elite russian troops conducting a secret invasion. >> today, say iing the elite security forces are helpless from keeping the crisis from spreading. you look at the wall and saying the pro russians have taken control of tmore than a dozen towns in eastern ukraine and we marked a few of them in western parts of the country and shown russia has shown no sign it plans to make good on its promise to pull back tens of thousands of troops across ukraine's border indicated by the red line. and analysts say in recent years russia boosted its defense spe
after the speed of russia's an exation caught kiev by surprise. these border guards deployed from their base in central ukraine. half of them are still in training. border crossings throughout have been reinforced with mazz mass i gar kads and sandbags. b r. >> in that direction, the strench extends about 60 miles. ukraine hopes they will be able to avoid a war. perched on a hill top but not visible from the road, a paratroop paratrooper. >> camouflaged is a small group of paratroopers. >> the threat from within ukraine's borders is more immediate and menacing. as we were out filming, kiev lost control of yet another government building, the police doing nothing to stop the prorussians as they smashed windows and declared themselveses the authority. for the people living along the border it was a boundary in name only. now these hills could become one of many front lines. wolf this remains a region divided and those who do try to speak up for unity end up finding themselves in trouble. earlier a man tried to stop a woman from burning the ukrainian flag and no one came to his assis
were taken over by pro-russia groups in the east. let's get more now on those elections in iraq. kamal has been keeping a close eye on what has been happening on social media. >> yes. we want to look at what interest might actually be in the united states in these elections. i saw this just a moment ago. and my producer did i should say, this is someone who snapped a picture at their old high school. and this is a queueing system of old school tables with bits of tape in between them, and they have created a queueing system for a polling station there. and this is one of my favorites, the mother on the right-hand side has clearly voted but her two children want to feel like they are part of the election process, and they have the purple on their finger. as i said to laura, we want to talk to the united states here and what level of interest there might be in the elections. i'm going to start with this graphic, and it is really quite brilliant. it shows you this first circle, which is 50, $60 billion. that is the initial estimate of what this war was going to cost. the post war, and wat
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are standing, are sanctions impacting russia or its supporters in eastern ukraine? >> that's a very difficult question to ask. you'd have to say the ultimate intention of these sanctions is to prevent a russian invasion of eastern ukraine and if that invasion does not happen, was it due to the sanctioners not. i suspect we might be arguing about that for months or years to come, but as rewards the conduct of pro russian groups in the east, they don't seem deterred at all, quite the contrary. they seem more emboldened on each day, going very much on the offensive, they are on the front, sanctions or not. >> barnaby phillips for us in donetsk in eastern you a crane, thank you. >> parliamentary elections, first time they have headed to the polls since the u.s. pulled out in 2011. there are reports of attacks outside the capitol. we are at a polling side in baghdad. how has the turnout been so far where you are? >> this polling station in central baghdad, they are voting just through those doors, has about 3,500 registered voters, about 1,000 people have turned up so far. now what an independent
. >>> basketball responds to the life ban given to l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. . >> russia accused the west of revising cold war tactics after new sanctions were imposed over the ukrainian crisis. 15 more people were added to the list of russian officials, facing asset freedss and travel -- friezes and travel bands. >> the chief of the international monetary funds megs to moscow says russia's economy is falling into recession. antonio says the country experienced two quarters of negative growth which is likely to continue. he had sanctions against russia over the ukrainian crisis. to further damage the economy. >> let's spoke to the correspondent. it's a bleak picture painted by the i.m.f. >> it certainly is. the i.m.f. chief in moscow said, as you explained, he believes russia's economy is in recession because there has been two quarters of negative growth. the prediction for this year was 1.3% growth, they are saying the economy will grow by 0.2%. i think that's a worrying statistic for many economists. further to that the i.m.f. mission chief says that there'll be $100 billion i
russia. beyond education, how do you get people to trust this thing in the way that sovereign countries have not? a leading engineering institution, m.i.t. is the king of practicality. that is part of the spearman. seeing what real-world applications we can build that people will end up trusting. >> such as? >> there is a number of things we can do that would be very important. for example, you could build a decentralized kick starter for crowd funding. you could build a micro-payment solution which would be approved for news media in terms of online newspapers. having a solution for their content. >> i'm curious, have any professors at m.i.t. torn you to shreds on this? do they look at the theory of bitcoin and forget about the efficiency and say the bitcoin club has got it wrong? say that most professors are pretty excited ingut this project and see where it goes. there are plenty professors who have questions about it. most of the questions tend to come from the economic side. people understand the code and technical aspect of bitcoin and a pretty enthusiastic about it. >> jeremy and
come in from russia over the next period of time. >> that's, i mean, something people look at. they look at energy is what jack welch was talking about yesterday, you think finance is going to be an area of strong growth? >> i think finance is at the root of everything that happens. so i think it has top. the economy will be good. i think it has to be good. i think energy, when you see a pipeline thing that makes sense, put it off until after an election. >> is this on purpose? i wasn't listening. now you say that. isn't that just. >> it doesn't make any sense. i mean, then you have to wait until the next election and the next election. >> every two years, unfortunately. >> the stuff is going to go some place else. it's obviously a safer way to transport that kind of oil. why not become an exporter of it? >> we talk about this often on camera before. who did you support, two elections ago for president? >> oh, boy. >> you supported barak obama. you didn't the last time around, why? >> pardon me? >> why? >> i didn't think he did a good job. >> the thing that bothers you the mos
's give you a little more of your headlines at this hour. we start with sanctions against russia. certainly not slowing the violence in ukraine. hundreds of rebels stormed the government buildings. separatists raised their flag. they fired on police. this aggression comes in the face of new sanctions from the u.s. and european union which don't seem to be slowing the russians down. >>> amanda knox fighting back against a new report by an italian appeals court explaining their conviction by blaming knox for fatally stabbing her british roommate over a fight about mon money. she says the new claims are unsupported by evidence or logic since her dna was not foundnd i meredith kurcher's room. she was convicted again when italy's highest court ordered new appeals trial. >>> minimum wage taking center stage today in washington. president obama fresh off his week long asia trip will push for an increase from $7.25 to $10.10. democrats appear to be making this an election year issue while conceding they probably don't have the votes. a long shot procedural vote is needed today. no republ
they were awarded we thought no problem. >> just like russia's putin that went smoothly. >>> and mr. halperin, the play on veep i'm sure you heard that mr. allen. let's talk business. harry reid said democrats are holding talks about a vote to prove the keystone pipeline. is that actually going to happen? >> they're actually going to have a vote. and this is a real surprise. it's a sign of how worried democrats are about the senate. yesterday, i was out at the milken conference in los angeles, did a poll, including a lot of democrats, asking them what they thought the chances were republicans could take every 0 the senate. nate silver said around 60%. dave leonhart said around 61%. the democrats i talked to said it's more like 60%. they are worried about a republican senate. so you have harry reid saying he might take a vote on approving the keystone pipeline. what's not determined is, will this be something that's binding will this be more a sense of the senate, as they call it. but the key fact, 11 senate democrats have signed a letter to president obama saying they want him to ap
russia. oil -- likeg, like all of the oil companies, interests in russia. they have a plant in the far east where they have partnered up with gazprom. they went to russia 12 days ago to meet with president putin and say it is really important to us, that plans. we would like to up capacity there by 50%. he got president putin's endorsement for that. that is good for shell. late last night, resident putin saying that if they ratchet up sanctions against russia, there are no need for any retaliatory measures just yet. russia may eventually have to re-examine, as he put it, cooperation with western energy projects. that will give all of the oil companies pause and it is something mr. van burden will be asked about today when he talks to investors. >> give us an update about shell and the ukraine. >> they really cannot beat this geopolitical situation in the ukraine. they were talking to the central government about developing gas in the east of the company -- of the country, exactly where the separatists in ukraine are now operating. there, lateright yesterday, we had pro russia militias
polled by u.s.a. today said, sanction russia but don't arm ukraine. >> guest: i disagree. satisfactions will never work but a we'll never have a unified regime of sanctions that doesn't hurt. you need sanctions in an -- in types of countries that can't bite back. the sanctions work go in north korea. potentially iran. much more difficult in a -- against economy as large as russia where there's so many inner dependencies. nobody is calling for u.s. or nato come bad troops on the ground to engage, but we're talking about providing defensive weaponry, antitank weapons, to change's putin's cal can includes, that he doesn't mass a full-fledge invasion. give the ukrainian people a chance to stabilize their government, stabilize their country. >> host: i also want to ask you about what secretary of state john kerry says about the middle east peace progress. your colleague, senator ted cruz, said that kerry should step down for saying that israel risks an apartheid state. >> guest: the comment was obvious unfortunate is probably the best word to put on it. what it also does, basically betrays a
. >> pelley: mark, thank you. today, secretary of state john kerry called on russia to "leave ukraine in peace." but kerry's words and new u.s. sanctions haven't caused russia to blink. the u.s. accuses moscow of whipping up pro-russian militants who have taken over government buildings in eastern ukraine, a possible prelude to a russian invasion. holly williams is there. >> reporter: in luhansk today, pro-russian separatists seized control of the regional government building. as police looked on, the separatists trampled a ukrainian flag and raised a russian one in its place before moving on to the city's police headquarters, some of them armed with automatic weapons. another uptick in violence in eastern ukraine. the mayor of kharkiv, gennady kernes, is fighting for his life tonight after he was shot in the back in an assassination attempt. and in donetsk, peaceful pro- government demonstrators were attacked by masked-wearing separatists wielding baseball bats and batons. these police officers stood by and did nothing to stop them. as this separatist insurgency gains momentum, ukraine's gove
sanctions against russia, but they have not flown across eastern ukraine. more than a pro russian pargeterprotesters storm headqus armed with baseball bats. barnaby phillips with the late latest. >> reporter: the pro-russian crowd swept into the government building unopposed. despite widespread rumors that the takeover was imminent, the police did nothing. they did refuse to hand their weapons over. then chi they were escorted awa. pro-russian groups want to hold a referendum in early may, but in order for that vote to be credible they need a large enough area under their authority. that is what is driving them on at the moment. but how fair would such a vote be? roman runs a news website in don estk. we'll go to his office. he's taking down the name plaque and staff who are too afraid to come here after a group of masked men came with baseball bats who said they should report more favorbly on the people's republic of donestk. >> i have one colleague who has received death threats. he has fled to kiev. >> reporter: some of those opposed to russia say they have enough. this video a
security person is here. >> a few hours ago. the security council met to discuss militants. >> russia nairing back with penalties. russian president vladimir putin warned russia may block western participation in the multi billion dollar energy center. the war of words matched more and more by violence on the ground. this, say u.s. officials is not what deescalation looks like. ups of pro russian protesters, seizing yet another ukrainian government building in the east. local riot police tried and failed to diffuse the standoff. u.s. officials say every day there is growing evidence that russia is orchestrating the unrest even as russian officials repeatedly deny it. >> they somehow want to assert that these people moving in disciplined military formation to take over buildings and then bring the local separatists in to occupy the building while they move on to another building. they assert that these people are merely local activists. as we have made clear, those kinds of claims are absurd. they defy any common sense. >> with moscow continuing to brush off american and european econo
are trying to take on u.s. type rules and regulations to make it easier to be accredited investor. russia is not yet on the list. >> thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. the cofounder of canyon. i will send it back to you. >> thank you both so much. one of the top stories that we have been following this afternoon, the press conference from the commissioner of the national basketball association saying that the voice heard on the tape making racist comments was in fact that of the owner of the los angeles clippers donald sterling. he has been banned for life. commissioner silver says he will seek a 75% approval from the board of directors to take that franchise away from mr. sterling. we continue to follow the story and give you more details as soon as we get them. headlines onhe, streaming on your tablet. thank you for joining us. i will see you tomorrow. >> it is 56 past the hour, time to check the markets. let's take a look at where stocks are trading, about an hour left until the end of the session. the nasdaq up 8/10 of one percent as technology leads th
and restricting licenses for certain u.s. exports to russia. ukraine,ensions in the the u.s. and european union have imposed new sanctions on russia. the national basketball association is set to announce its response today to the racist comments of los angeles clippers owner donald sterling. emerged friday, sterling lambastes his girlfriend for posting a picture with nba legend magic johnson and not to post pictures associated with black people. >> we will get reaction from the nations sports columnist dave zirin. theont is poised to become first day to require the labeling of gmos. >> we do not want to continue to be guinea pigs. we want to have a choice. >> we will speak with vermont state senator david zuckerman. he is also an organic farmer. all that and more coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the white house is releasing a new set of guidelines to address the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses. a new task force report urges colleges to report anonymous surveys and adopt proven strategies for combating assault. the
. earnings from mark hoping to risk-off mindset coming out of the russia and ukraine conflict. the job number on friday. traders are not taking on a lot of positions ahead of those key economic point. we're back with my guest host for the hour, gregory rayborn of kobi partners. we are talking tech. i am curious what you make of amazon. there strategy to diversify into so many products is nothing new, but all of a sudden investors seem to care. >> i am wondering what was the catalyst. there is a rotation going on. you can see the rotation from a lot of the tech stocks. we are getting a price valuation for growth. i think this is certainly the first time in amazon history that people started to thinkolate forward and are we going to see this quarter 10 years from now, five years from now. is all we are building a huge platform with massive volume that does not make any money? >> are we looking at value versus growth now? >> absolutely. i think there is a huge move -- move towards that. i am not a big fan of balance sheets or was it three. -- wizardry. >> last year it was all about samsung beati
. in 2010, north korea shelled a south korean island, leaving four dead. >> russia's biggest trading partner announcing bigger sanctions because of the ukraine crisis, e.u. saying there are tarts. the u.s. imposed sanctions against seven top russian officials linked to russian president vladimir putin. the u.s. saying it will freeze their assets and ban them from obtaining american visas. in ukraine, the division between those in favor of russia and those for a united ukraine are getting deeper. ukraine's parliament meeting in kiev over ongoing tensions in the eastern cities. we are in donetsk, ukraine. what is the reaction on the streets? do they think sanctions will change the reality on the ground? >> at the moment, there is not much reaction. i think it's irrelevant to what this region is going through at the moment. you won't see direct impact and many people don't understand what sanctions mean and how will it change what's happening here. yesterday with all impunity, gunman, the usual ones with their faces covered seized another local building. then there was these riots here in the c
trip to asia. he took on his critics over hotspots like russia and syria, while saying his cautious avoids mistakes. what you think of his administration's foreign-policy today? you can also send us a tweet. comments on facebook and e-mail. we will get your thoughts in just a minute. " pieceshington post starts off by saying this. here's what the president had to say. >> typically, criticism of our foreign-policy has been directed at the failure to use military force. the question i think i would have is, why is it that everybody is so eager to use military force? after we have just gone through a decade of war at enormous troops and to our budget? exactly that these critics think would have been accomplished? my job as commander-in-chief is to deploy military force as a last resort, and to deploy it wisely. frankly, most of the foreign-policy commentator set ed our policies would go headlong into a bunch of military adventures at the american people have no interest in participating in and would not advance our core security interests. if you look at syria, for example, our interes
remarks. ♪ the eu released a new list of 15 names of russia and ukrainians imposing sanctions on and targets politician and military leaders. one of the names on the list is the current director of russia's foreign intelligence agency, giu. some of the others are. and russia's deputy prime minister who over saw criteria into russia after it was annexed and valarie, the first deputy minister of defense and army general in charge of the deployment of russian troops along the ukrainian border. across in moscow and we are joined live from there, and putin himself with talks got close to him and why are these particular men being targeted? >> reporter: well, laura, first of all we should point out unlike the list released on monday including companies and individuals the eu list is putting a travel pan and asset freeze on individuals only. now some of those as you were listing are key military officials and some of them linked to the de-facto annexation of crimea including a member of the duma, russian parliament responsible for starting legislation to integrate crimea into russian
round of sanctions against putin in russia. it's just been woefully inadequate. >> i think he had an incredible response to that criticism which we will air as well. >> i'm sure it was incredible. i can't wait. >> i'm sure you want to bomb everybody. you complain about war and then bomb everybody. please. >> if you're going to put sanctions in place, you would hope that after you put sanctions in place, the russian stock market doesn't go up. and the ruble doesn't go up on news of the tough sanctions. but we'll talk about that later. let's talk about the nba right now. >> later today the commissioner of the nba will weigh in on the alleged racist rant by l.a. clippers owner donald sterling four days after tmz first released the tapes. several sponsors already making their judgments. suspending or reviewing their deals with the clippers. some of the top brands includes virgin america, kia, state farm, samsung. the tapes capture sterling allegedly scolding his mistress for bringing african-americans to the games and posting photos of them on her instagram account. >> look at those t
more problems in russia. pro ukrainian demonstrators and several houn armed men shouting russia. the obama administration stepped up sanctions freezing the assets of 7 russian individuals and 17 companies closely linked to russian president vlade meier put tin. he says that's not enough. >> he said today people who are supporting the war in iraq aren't saying anything. you sit back and watch the ukraine de stabilize. >> the white house doesn't miss this new round of sanctions unlikely to bring any immediate change to russian behavior. a critical debate opportunity that's what they are saying. if the gubernatorial candidate wants to keep the stone star state blue in november she has reportedly dodged the opportunity to debate greg abbott in the rio grand valley. they lost 7 of the 14 counties in the primary against a largely unknown and unfunded candidate. >> millions of e-mail users at risk after a security breech. >> if you have aol account change your pass word and security question. they are confirming an e-mail brief they send out e-mails using yours in the from seal so it l
. >> and -- a ukrainian mayor is shot, as the west readies more sanctions. what russia says about an invasion. investigating this viral video of a man kicking a boy down a skate ramp. and -- the shakeup in late- night continues, as craig ferguson now makes a big announcement. announcement. that eliminates odors and doesn't just mask them. can you give us access to maybe the smelliest room in your house? the trash is bad... oh, yeah. ...and he just took it out. it smells really nice. like, fresher. [ male announcer ] don't just mask odors, eliminate them with febreze air effects. deadly storms sweep through mississippi and alabama, as the severe weather in the south continues. we'll have the latest. a 14-year-old girl is killed on her way home from school on the city's south side. and mayor daley could be on the stand next week, over a restaurant deal. we'll have details. good morning, i'm dan ponce. and i'm erin mcelroy. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. about let's take a look. expecting temperatures to rise into the upper 60s. it's 41 in the waukegan. 42 in mundelein.
. the violence comes as the white house is lashing out at russia with those new economic sanctions targeting putin's inner circle of supporters. government officials and companies and one believed putin has personal investments in. but stopped short of hitting his personal wealth directly estimated in the tens of billions of dollars. its security people want most. man telling me we can't sleep at night because we don't know if russia will attack us tomorrow. muhammad lila, abc news, eastern ukraine. >>> president obama heading back to washington this morning from the philippines. before leaving he praised the men and women of the military who serve around the globe. there are more than 80,000 service members in the asia pacific region. on a trip to the large american military cemetery, the president honored american and filipino service members who fought side by side in the pacific in world war ii. >>> capitol police investigating death threats against senate majority leader harry reid. the threats are reportedly related to comments reid made about nevada rancher clive bun
cranks up the sanctions against russia, but i'm talking to a man who says america could kick in with military help for ukraine too. also oil and america's nay fwor the north. i'm looking at the controversy. plus there's a good chance your cable just changed. i'll have more on the wheeling and dealing. i'm ali velshi in los angeles, and this is "real money"
's stay with russia. the west has hit russia with a fresh round of sanctions. 'sd includes vladimir putin allies. >> we spoke about the impact of russian sanctions on business. >> for the moment, we are investigating the significance of the sanctions and coming back to practical implications. bp has a lot of exposure to russia. in profitst a drop today. there is a list of stories today that are making headlines. about the we knew people close to vladimir putin would be on this list. it is just him and it has a role bp.ct on >> and puts them in a pickle. largest 20% of russia's oil producer. the corporate entity has not been sanctioned and the ceo has. if you are bob dudley, you have a 20% stake and a seat on the board. -- as a u.s. in citizen, can you go to the board meeting or not? we heard them say they would have to investigate the sanctions a little more carefully and that is what we already heard from bp and i suspect we will hear that from bob dudley later in the day. one thing i will point out is that there are two lists. he is sanctioned in the united states. in the unit
a another big problem. it is called russia. are watching deutsche bank. we have had earnings. up aancine, wrapping conference call. he will not rule in or out any capital increases. a great deal of reporting over the week, the past week they have to were inspired billion in a new shares. revenues were down, profit was the dow. it was a beat on the numbers. would take a closer look. -- profits were down. -- we will take a closer look. months, back to microsoft. with the purchase of the phones or units. nokia have announced that rajeev suri will be taking the helm. much of a surprise. ofheads a unit that has 90% nokia sales. they'll resume and dividends. money going back to shareholders which is 3 billion euros. a cut in their debt by 2 billion euros. what they were looking at right now. peugeot att that of the open. we are also watching electronics. the european semiconductor. little bit more narrow than analysts had predicted. later this hour, we will speak to the chief executive. his first interview of the day. down some 2%. with had a lot of earnings. we are looking at of the russian s
underscores an increasingly tense standoff between russia and the west. >> yeah. and the men of ukraine's -- the mayor of ukraine's second city was in critical condition, shot in the back. >> investigators say they don't know who shot him. he was a key member of former ukrainian president victor yanukovych's party but is seeking to push for more local ethnic russian control while keeping the region part of ukraine. >> this report from the city of danesk. pro-russia activists stepped in with baton to break up a peaceful pro-ukraine demonstration. >>> the european union is set to impose new sanctions today on russia over the crisis in ukraine. >> they'll target 15 russian officials the e.u. believes are undermaining ukraine's -- undermining ukraine's sovereignty. this comes a day after the u.s. imposed sanctions of its own. jim sciutto can details. >> reporter: with the crisis in ukraine only growing more violent, the obama administration introduced new economic sanctions it says are designed to punish russia for orchestrating it. [ gunshot ] >> reporter: the sanctions fix on individuals
russia for its role in the crisis in ukraine.
imposed additional sanctions on russia for its actions in ukraine. ing the sanctions target members of president vladimir putin's inner circle who are now subject to usa visa ban and asset freeze. the russian government denounced the move calling it meaningless, shameful and disgusting. earlier today i asked three times the deputy national security adviser if these sanctions were aimed at putin through his associates since there's reports he has billions stashed in the companies of those associates. but i couldn't get a straight answer. i read that story in the "new york times" about estimates of vladimir putin's fortune, his personal wealth and i'm looking at sanctions in a whole new way. is it possible u.s. policy with regard to sanctioning individuals in russia are designed to go after putin personally? >> what we're doing is going after the people who are closest him to, the core of the russian economy, and really his support structure, the two individuals who are designated today, control very large companies, one industrial holding company, the other a large energy company tha
, and the demonstrators forced to flee. those agitating in favor of russia deny they're doing moscow's bidding but the us government sees president putin's hand and today imposed further sanctions on some of the russian leader's closest friends. 17 companies are sanctioned including some controlled by putin associates: gennady timchenko, a billionaire; and arkady rotenberg, his judo d friend. amongst the seven individuals sanctioned are: dmitry kozak, deputy prime minister of the russian federation; igor sechin, the president of rosneft, the world's largest traded oil company. sechin, one of president putin's closets advisors, is sanctioned as an individual but it's hard to separate the man from the company, rosneft. here he is a year ago with the head of b.p., bob dudley. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's great for me to welcome igor ivanovich here at b.p. today. i think this is the beginning today of a great partnership between b.p. and rosneft. >> reporter: b.p. has a 20% stake in rosneft, to which it said today it remained committed. rosneft said the sanctions wouldn't affect cooperation with its partne
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